Decoding Of Chandra Babu secrects 3

Nov 14, 2015

The congress rule(1989…1994 started decaying, Power mongering congress leaders wanted to put down Mari Chenna Reddy and created communal clashes in Hyderabad. Chenna Reddy was made to resign and N. Janardhan Reddy became chief minister but could not control the MLAS. And he too resigned and vijayabhaskar Reddy took over the mantle. Change of chief ministers and misrule of congress made people bring back NTR in the next election. NTR married Lakshmi Parvathi. And CBN became close toLakshmi Paravathi (LP) both CBN and LP started dhandha of corruption. But internally CBN is preparing ground for rebellion against NTR. For this he romped family members and Harikrishna proved to be bigger bait for CBN.
CBN is planning was so crafty, he being at the side of Lakshmi paravathy made Harikrishna to tour Andhra Pradesh putting up huge banners captioned the banners MATHRU DEVO BHAVA PITHRU DEVO BHAVA. Showing his mother, Mrs BasaTharakam (NTR's first wife) and NTR photo and huge cut outs laid before he toured the Andhra parades, criticizing LP indirectly. And the D day has come for CBN to hoist a rebellion against NTR. All the MLAS and Party functionaries were housed in Viceroy Hotel. And ousted NTR from the party and with vote majority CBN SWORN IN AS CHIEF MINISTER> What a backstabbing it is more than the assassination of Julius Caesar where his best friend Brutus Stabbing the final punch. Poor NTR he did not nurse any Antony to put down Brutus CBN. What a cruel move back of CBN stabs his father in law for want of power. CBN is more dangerous than Aurangzeb. And now CBN erects NTR 's statues and worship him.
The colorful life of NTR ended with melancholic note. Lakshmi Parvathi was beside when NTR passed away. Chandra Babu and raided the house and looted the wealth of NTR At the funeral it was a nasty scene throwing chapels at the dead body of NTR.
Gradually distanced Hare Krishna, who was the main instrument in pulling down NTR. He consolidated his position in the party. The wonder of wonders is that Chandra Babu Back stabbed and in a way NTR died because of Chander Babu's Coup, and he erected statues NTR and worships him in public. How knave is Chandra Babu: back stabbing him and worshiping him.
For nine year dictatorial rule continued an interrupted and amassed wealth beyond count and one's expectation. And congress resumed power and for two terms Chandra Babu was out of power.
As an opposition leader, he was weighed underweight in front of Raja Shekar Reddy. But it was Mr Devendar Gowd who took on the treasury benches. In 1995 elections Chandra Babu gave a support to Vajpayee, and continued till Vajpayee's term and later when he lost to Raja Sekar Reddy CBN stated if had committed any political blunder is aliening with BJP and commented because of having alliance he lost the elections. And criticized BJP is a Hindu religious oriented party. And he is secular and his party is champion of secularism. This proves CBN is a turncoat artist. It's something like saying " My mother is virgin".
When the state bifurcation has come, CBN caught in Blizzard, he was confused man. In Telegana he holds a good number of seats so he yielded for bifurcation. And at the last elections came after bifurcation the state. He desired to check mate C. Chandler Shekar Rao and announced R. Krishna BC leader non political person and a champion BC cause only. By this the senior BC leaders were not happy with CBN and he met the ire of senior BC leaders like Thalasani &co.
Chandra Babu isn't having hope in Telengana, he concentrated on truncated Andha Pradesh, Come what may he wanted to win the election otherwise his political carrier will have gory end. And his crafty brain started working. He knows that Congress is a dead bird in the state of Andhra Pradesh and he only has to fight out YSRCP Jagan & Co. He weighed all probabilities and found Jagan is much ahead of him with Kapu support. And he decided to have an alliance with BJP. Before Nadredra Modi is declared as a Prime Minister candidate the voting strength of each parliamentary constituency is around 25 to 30 thousand votes. But after Modi is declared as a prime ministerial candidate the voting strength is doubled in ten folds. He realized how important for him to have an alliance with BJP. He buried his own earlier statement that if had committed any political blunder is having association and alliance with BJP, He tried hard in forging all alliances with BJP and he finally succeeded in having an an alliance.
He thought just having an alliance with the BJP is not sufficient, and he has make believe the people that he is going to bring heaven down to Andhra Prades by making any number of false promises which could not be kept by any means. He knows pretty well that the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh is cash starved state yet he did not hesitate in promising things which he can fulfill. First, he laid a bait to the farmers that he will waive the crop loans of all sorts, what ever the debts of farmers and he targeted Dwakra Mahila groups saying that he will pay their loans. And asked the farmers and DWAKRA Mahila groups not to pay the banks. The third and best ploy is winning over campus, who strength multiplied after bifurcating state and more so ever they were with Jagan. And the final bait laid to Kapus is that he enlist Kapus in to the backward class list. And he will sanction Rs1000 cores per year to the welfare of Kapus. With all these promises he included in his election manifesto and entered the election fray.
The farmers were lured by a promise of paying their crop loans, Dwakra Mahilas overjoyed by his promise that last phase of their loan will be paid by him, and look poor Kapus carried away with a false notion that he will enlist them in BC category and Rs 1000 core will come to them every year. To cap it all the windfall is Pavan Kalyan having supported Modi, is out to support CBN as he allied CBN. And Pavan Kalyan did support TDP as it is a matter of principle since Tdp is an ally of BJP. (The most Charismatic cine glamor having lakhs of his followers With this he stroked the election and he won with comfortable maturity.
Thus, with his false promises CBN is able to lure all sections of people and won the elections. After he was sworn in as chief minister, he stated that he will fulfill all his promises and announced that he will build a world class capital and that would in the center point of the state. And later he said it will Vijayawada towards to Nujividu. And declared CAPITAL REGION DEVELOPMENT AREA (CRDA) to the extent of about 7062 square kilometers and further said the capital will be the biggest in the world. Every one overjoyed and from there his jugglery started. The real estate rates soared to skyrocketing prices. People started buying the lands in around Nujivida area.
Later he retracted it will be between Vijayawada and Guntur there to price of lands gone up in manifold and gold rush began in buying the lands. And some realtors who bought land near Nujividu by raising loans for higher interests committed suicide. And finally he said he said core capital will be in Tullur area. And named it Amaravathi. What tongue twister is CBN.
Initially, he declared he needs one lakh and fifty thousand acres of land from this area. And about 33 thousand acres will be acquired by land pooling bases. He said that 1200 sq yards of developed area will be given to one acre of land. And it is not clear when it will give to farmers and where it will be given to them and started acquiring the land. He said if the farmers are not willing he will forcibly acquire the land by enacting the land accusation act and they will lose the benefit of getting 1200yars and Rs20000 per year up to 10 yrs. This is nothing but blackmailing the farmers.
Earlier the UPA government before the bifurcation appointed a committee headed by Late Siva Rama Krishnaiah and panel of expert committees. The committee reported that present the present CRDA is not yet all suitable areas as it comes under seismic zone no 3 and the water table is high and the soil is of black cotton and further said even a two storied building is not suggested. CBN ignored this note and appointed a committee totally consisting of TDP party members where no expert is in the committee.
Setting aside the Siva Ram Krishnaiah expert committee reports, CBN appointed a committee consisting of his own party men on CRDA where none were experts. And without any required study of science. Engineering, environmental, seismic, soil, floods, water table and other aspects he announced Taylor will be the core capital area. He did not take the opposition into confidence or sought all party's opinion or experts and center government institutions dealing in urban planning, environmental study, meteorological department, a seismic department under meteorological department. He took the decision autocratically and announced the core capital area. This speaks of his dictatorial attitude and adamant nature. Building a world class and biggest in the world is no ordinary thing it has to consult with technocrats and concerned Indian institutions and take necessary permissions from the concerned departments. It is not that you grab land from farmers and take the permissions later. In case the concerned authorities do not give you permissions, then what you do? Are you going to give back the lands to the farmers?
India's greatest achievement is attained self food sufficiency through the green revolution started in 1960.Thanks to the chief Architect late C. Subramanyamand by 40 years we achieved self food sufficiency. To bring one acre of land to cultivate and make it fertile, it takes years together. And to destroy the fertile cultivable land it takes a few hours. Now we speak of food security, how come when there is no security for fertile agricultural land then where is food security. Without land security there is no food security. And chandra babu is going spree of destroying fertile land.
Building capital in Tullur region involves lot of risks such floods inundating the region almost every year. In 2009 we had heavy floods. The fur of floods is so high that water overflown over Srisalem Dam. And above Srisalem Dam Krishna River banks were breached and water gushed into Kurnool city, Adoni, Mantralayam and surrounding villages and flood water in these places were more than 13 feet and it took 10 days for the flood water to recede. Had not the banks been breached then Srisailam Dam would have washed away and Narjuna Sagar would have broken into pieces. It's a sheer luck that Srisailem was survived.
I filled a writ petition in the Supreme court and as well as in National Green Tribunal. The green Tribunal admitted my writ and issued notices to AP state government CRDA. Water resources ministry, the ministry, urban development environment ministry.
The ground realities, why the Amaravathi is not desirable for construction for construction of world class capital that also with sky scrapers; Let's find out what constituents are high risks in building the world class city. The proposed capital is throughout the banks of river Krishna, it is flood prone zone. Nine dams were constructed above the above Prakasam barrage. (Upstream of Prakasam barrage) upstream of Amaravathi, pulichintala reservoir, Nagarguna Sagar dam, Srisailam dam, narayanpura dam, jurala dam, Dhom dam dam, Kanur dam, Almeti dam, Amar dam were built.
In the year of 2007 and 2009 we witnessed heavy floods, year 2009 floods were very severe and dreadful. Water overflown the dam and upstream of srisailam dam, the banks of Krishna breached in various spots and the flood water gushed into several towns like Kurnool, Adoni, Mantralayam and several villages and whole countries are flooded leaving many lives of human and cows. The flood water in these townships and villages are over 12 feet and it removed 10 days recede. Tool communication, electricity, transport was cut down, leaving all the flooded area remorse. Lakes of people were rehabilitated to safer places. Had not the banks of the river were not breached, srisailam dam would have been washed away and Sagar dam would have caved in to pieces And downstream of srisailaam dam. Would have been flooded and great calamity came.
The other aspect is Amaravathi coming under seismic zone three, a severe threat of earthquakes The other factor is that these states are barely above 12 feet higher on the riverbed so the entire area have to earth filled up to half a dozen measures. Even the Singapore company which paid the final plan mentioned that the entire area have to earth filled up to 2 ms. The major subject is the entire land is on the black cotton ground, which is not suited for a three storied building. And then what about skyscrapers. And at that place is no land available for filling the region so one has to blast the hills nearby and that shot material is suitable for earth-filling since small stones leave cavities in the soil as the water table is high in the entire field, the water enters these cavities and makes the soil to slide and sink and once this occurs, however columns (columns) are strong they tumble down when landslides and sinkholes. And the entire structure collapses as a multitude of cards leave thousands of people dead and it will be the greatest man made disaster. Mores over Krishna water will be polluted and causes a sheath of pollution down stream, and especially at the sea mouth river water entering into the sea makes it difficult thus allowing brackish water. With all these points I filled writ petition in Nations green tribunal were experts on environmental and applied scientific discipline and scientific member along with judiciary judges sit. And the admitted my writ petition taking into account my contentions is serious ones and issued notices to the state and central ministers to reply with their counter affidavits
Personally, anyone will be happy owning a world class capital. And I will be proud enough to say that my state's capital is the superlative in the world. And Chandra Babu should be lauded for his intention to build a world class capital. Improbable. Merely what I allege is the presentation area is not desirable for building. He should have consulted the center government institutions dealing with environmental, water resources ministries and their institutions similarly the meteorological department. Regarding the suitability in the construction of a world class capital. And then he should have gone for selection of land. It is something like buying a horse shoe first and buying the horse later.
My contentions in the writ petition are of severe nature which are against preservation of the environment and more so after it is fact that construction at Amaravathi proves disastrous to human life as well to the environment. I thank the thousands of people who appreciated me in filing the writ in National Green Tribunal. There so many decisions of National green tribunal and it is set low. So lets hope that the lordships of tribunal do justice in the best interests of the environment and human life.
Well CBN says he is going to build a world class capital, that is the double the size of New York. The very person in Andhra should be happy about it. Not only Andhravala but every Indian can boast we had world class and that too double the size of New York and that is Andhra Pradesh. So constructing double the size of capital needs billions $ of money and in Ruppees unimaginable. Where from all these monies come from? Does Andhra Pradesh state has that lot of money? The answer is our state is cash starved one, this fact CBN, he himself admitted it. Does the Central government provide it? A big no for it. Even if the center provides a special package to AP it will be sufficient for 2% of the need for construction the capital dreams of CBN. Then where from CBN is going to get it? It's a billion dollar question which he never answers it and in return he says cock and bull stories" am a man with vision, it is I who built the Hyderabad city, it is I did this it is I did that so, who so ever comes in between the way of building my dream capital I do not care, no force can stop me in constructing the world class capital." So boasts of himself. Does this in any pragmatic person speak like that. Already people started knowing of his false election promises and at this stage he continues building world class capital and he wanted people to live in fool's paradise.
What is behind the dream project of the biggest world class urban center is the issue one has to opine and know about it. He desired to acquire one lakh and fifty thousand acres from farmers. Of course he has already acquired about 30,000 acres and he supposes it is the first phase and he is failing to take hold of one lakh twenty thousand of acres in due form of time. It means, of 600 square kilometers. Then he will turn over this land to foreign companies on development bases. He already released GO Number 110 that in the acquired land some part will be applied to individual companies under lease for 99 years, which means the right on the land will be permanently lost to the said company. His sketch is craftily designed.
With his game plan he is going to make money than any other politician made ill gotten money. And no proof such as quid pro is left behind. CBN is more shroud then any other dirty politician who made monies in India. He is so crafty that every thought is a criminal conspiracy be it backstabbing his father in law by pulling down from power and occupying his chair. Though he is the reason for his death, he erects NTR statues and worships him and make believe that NTR is patriarch for him. And successfully made people to believe. He believes the theory of " People's memory is short." With this formula, he plays his odd games. A ruthless person only goal of is to come to power and remain in power that is his motto of life. He is very cunning and never disclose to anyone" what is being cooked in his cabin"
His stage managed coup against NTR matches with Aurangeb's coup-DE-ate against his father rather he outshine Aurangazeb. At least he allowed his father to watch his beloved Taj Mahal. Here CBN did not allow any MLA backing to see NTR. And Chandra Babu's is bloodless coup-De-ate. Just think of the promises he made to farmers, Dwakra groups, capos and made them believe that he is going to fulfill his promises and made them defaulters in the banks and they have forgone the incentives which they get by repaying promptly. A knave who ought to go all out to make his ends successfully. Now he wants his son to follow his suit and he has already done princely Patabhishekam at Bhoomi Puja in the proposed capital. No one knows when his gory story ends.
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