Decoding Of Chandra Babu secrets 2

Nov 14, 2015

Once Chandra Babu became a minister in NTR's Government, his sinister motivation started. He starts building his own group and on the other side, he appeared as the most loyal to NTR and he used to suggest state craft skills in the governance and poor NTR was happy with the brilliance of son in law Chandra Babu. CBN takes the advantage of it, used to be little Dhagupati Venkateswar. Chandra started sowing of caste seeds and convinced NTR to be caste oriented and oppress the major caste Kapus in the state. Not alone caste orientation, but CBN emphasized the need of gaining money by means corruption so that party could be well founded. He reasoned with NTR saying his first election only paltry money was spend and the wave of teluguvari atma govuram and NTR charisma and anti establishment of long congress rule. But Midterm polls expenses were very heavy where Khamma industrialists have donated tons of money. And at that time congress is being reorganized through its MLA Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. The convinced NTR gave nod to CBN to go ahead with it. And chandra babu never looked back in making NTR's governance as corrupted one.
A stage has come, if any, big business men or industrialists approached NTR for the approval of files, NTR used to say " Babu guru, no kalavandhi " and when they went to "BABU GARU" he used to tag a price to their files and after the price paid for it the said file, it used to approve automatically. Not alone me saying this but political pundits and analysts say this as in the in the initial governance, there was caste feeling and corruption did not exist. Even the top brass officials in civil or police and other departments used to approach CBN for favoritism and CBN used to ok it. CBN encouraged the MLS to bring business men to him and the MLS used to get their flat commission on it.Thus MLAS came close to CBN then NTR and the other son in law Dhagu patio Venkateswar Rao is dwarfed in the eyes of NTR and MlAS.
The more stronger became CBN the more hallow NTR became. While matters stood like this, the oppression of Kapu officials stated. But NTR is not noticing what is happening in his own government, only happy at BABU GARU's collection and putting the collected money in his vaults. And the other hand MLAS becoming richer day by day the more they became rich the more they inclined towards CBN. In order to cover up the corruption by Cuban he suggested a press bill and a police bill to be brought up, so that his nefarious activities would not be checked, but to move faster and his functioning to go unopposed and thus he paved the way of to run corruption and caste orientation in corporate style.
CBN at the back seat driving press bill and police bill had been introduced the assembly. Though the congress high command at Delhi or at the state park level could not do anything as their strength in the assembly is ignorable before the brute majority of TDP. But Vijayawada, east constituency congress MLA Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga took the issue seriously and went to people,conducted public meetings saying its is against the ethos democracy and press is a fourth estate building an barge between government and people and press independence should not be hampered at any cost.Till then even press did not move but after Ranga's clarion the press starting writing note alone in state wide but country wide press reacted and editorials have come up.Ranga further said bringing a police bill is nothing but building fascistic governance rule through police is a shame on democracy. There is huge response to Ranga's public meetings and Ranga started agitation and NTR recovered from the deep slumber sleep and first hit to him and to his government took place. And NTR withdrawn the draconian measures of press and police. And set about thinking how dangerous Ranga could be in times to come.
Consequently, corrupt Raj of NTR started and Chandra Babu takes stock of of his hold mustered the MLAs aenkatewar Rao to an ignominy. While matters stood like this, Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga is becoming a mass leader of Congress party and challenging the nepotism of NTR rule and became a nail in the tooth of NTR. Here it is quite necessary to know about Ranga vs Nehru for better understanding how politics evolved.
And in Vijayawada local politics Ranga vs Devineni Nehru rift also reached a crest layer. Earlier Devineni Gandhi and Nehru were with Ranga looking after the student organization UI, which was built by late Vangaveeti Radha popularly known as Robin hood of Andrew and after his ghastly murder of Radha by communists, Ranga his younger brother took up the mantle of his slain brother. And Ranga appointed devineni brothers to have a bun in the oven after the student governance (which already become a predominant force in coastal Andhra).
At this stage, Late Chakardhar Rao Ex MP, a Kamma leader and came caste fanatic prevailed over Deveneni brothers to break the student organization and devineni brothers adhering to Chakaradhar Rao's preaching of caste-ism split the UI student organization and the splinter group floated by Devineni Brothers became a USO united student organization from the parent organization of Ui United Independents. USO formed on caste lines Khamma thus opening caste orientation. USO shaped Kahamma organization making UI non Khamma organization. The clash between these two student organization leading pitched street fights and ultimately Devineni Gandhi murdered cases and counter cases were filed.
While Ranga and Nehru Devineni Murali were in Vijayawada Jail Facing cases and counter cases, Nehru approached the prison guard saying he desired to make truce with Ranga (Nehru was not in a position to compete with Ranga) and the jailor spoke to Ranga about the subject. Ranga keeping in view of students welfare entered in to truce. And the answer is that they carry their student organization and there will not be any physical battles. s.
And Telugu Desam had been floated and Nehru joined TDP and elected to the assemblage. And in a midterm poll Ranga was given a congress ticket and won his seat. And then both became MLAs
Now getting back to the center stage state politics, Ranga become center stage to challenge NTR's misrule with the screenplay of CBN. At this stage Nehrus younger brother Devineni Murali murdered a close follower of Ranga namely Mutyala Sobhanadri. And by this act the truce between Ranga and Nehru was broken. It is deveneni brother who broke the truce. Later Later Murali was murdered. CBN got the advantage and spill more salt in the fire and started harassing Ranga and kapu official were transferred to no place of importance. While Ranga was in jail the Kapus made a call for kapunadu meet in Vijayawada. A sea human waves poured in Kapunadu meetings here we should other than caps also came forward the gathering swelled to more than 30 lakhs of people were never found in India witnessed such a huge assembly. NTR was terrified by the peoples turnout at the meeting and he felt a danger to his pattern and decided to end Ranga otherwise Ranga spared, he will not win the next election which a year to arrive.
The ocean of humans at kapunadu made NTR to tremble and it appeared that they are on verge of freeing the incoming election less than a year scheduled. The trio NT RAMA RAO, CHANDRA BABU AND KODELA SIVA PRASAD SAT AND TOOK A DECISION TO ELIMINATE RANGA PHYSICALLY. And Ranga is on hunger strike against police harassment, and then collaborates took it as their right time to assassinate Ranga. On December 26th morning wee hours (early hours) Two bus loads of hooligans dressed in Ayyappa Swamy Dhiksha attire pounced upon Ranga while he is in sleep and raided the country with bombs and hatchets killing Ranga.
Within minutes the assassination of Ranga spread widely in Vijayawada and HOOOO people could not digest this ghastly and mother of all cruel act. People came out to the streets and their emotional outburst knew no boundary and they ran wild. Their anger made them destruction free and it spread like vamp-fire throughout the coastal area now the truncated Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad and Khammam....RTC Bussed was torched, cinema halls set on fire, timber depots went on fire huge constructions tumbled down like a large number of cards. Wine stores and bars were burnt, people became hysterical burnt government offices and court ransacked whatever it came with their fashion. Such was the impact on the people and men have lost their brain some consumed alcohol in extreme quantities and passed away of excess consumption of alcohol. It was not an organized violent, but an emotional outburstment. When Madam Indira Gandhi and Rajivgandhi were assassinated, it was organized violence as destruction did not come on the day of the assassination. But here within minutes started in Vijayawada and spread throughout the present AP. And inside an hour the Whole of AP burns. Such was the anger of the masses.
And in the elections NTR lost miserably this how how CBN instigated NTR doing a mega crime.
Later on the gruesome assassination of V. Mohan Ranga the entire Andhra Pradesh was burning curfew was imposed. Law and order completely broken, hooligans started looting after the third day of Ranga's death. Curfew continued for 30 days. And in the election NTR lost and congress came to force. Such was impacted and it proved very costly to NTR for adhering the words of CBN and Kodela Shiva Prasad.
After unleashing the power NTR became paralytic and at this stage. Lakshmi Paravathi entered into NTR's life. She grabbed him and held him. Gradually NTR recovered from paralysis, stroke and became a dependent of Lakshmi Parvathi. What ever she says NTR started obeying. And CBN acted loyal to NTR and Lakshmi Paravathi.

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