Decoding Of Chandra Babu secrets 1

Nov 14, 2015

Please wake up from your sleep and am sorry to disturb your golden dream of world class capital of Andhra Pradesh, twice the size of New York City.
Alarm bells were calling at the administration of TDP government. Chiefly along the land acquisition for building of the capital city. And no transparency exists in the government, how the capital city is going to be constructed. Especially regarding monies required for construction of a world class city as being read daily by the Chief Minister of the province.
Our Chief Minister always harps the word 'quality' but is he playing a quality establishment. Without transparency how does one rate the quality of governance. Alas! A year elapsed since he took over as the Chief Minister. The much talked of world class and world largest city. And how money, is required for the construction of the capital and where from the money comes, how much the center is going and how much the state is going to spend and how you are going to raise the state's investment and so on the government of Andhra Pradesh should table it and make open to whom so wanted to know about it. That is the transparency, but differently the government held all this things dark.
Keeping things in the dark is no good governance. Ever more so, if the chief minister says something it indicates that the regime is saying thus. That is the ability of chief minister's words. He is not an ordinary mortal to talk gossips or rubbish. How responsible and powerful the chief minister is supposed to be is, he should group up the knowledge from concerned officials take clear data from them about the issue and answerable in and out the assembly. Just being autocrat done not prove his prowess. But he should be answerable in assembly first. And bring the opposition into confidence, and discuss and debate and if the enemy is not converted, then postpone your final design. This is called transparency.
Merely on the contrary, the chief minister has never answered the about the questions either in Assembly nor to the public. Main how much money is required to construct the said world class urban center. And where from the money comes is kept as secret till today.
If his secret is decoded, then his ulterior motives come out.
Let us have look at the early life of Chandra Babu (CBN). Carried in a middle class family owning 2 acres of solid ground, while his mother applied to take milk to Tirumalla for the merchandising of the milk. And his brother used to help his female parent. Cuban joined in student government and later in youth congress and got a post of in the state youth congress as vice president and subsequently became a congress ticket and won the election and became a minister, This all through the graces of his political mentor Raja Gopal Naidu former member of parliament, of course CBN ditched Raja Gopal Naidu later. Sensing the immediate development of CBN, NT Rama Rao gave his daughter in marriage with CBN. When NTR is toying with the idea of floating a regional party and CBN kept aloof from NTR. After NTR floated Telugu Desam Party. And CBN is a bitter critic of TDP. Therefore a regional party came into existence and Thuralapati satynarayana, a socialist leader and ardent follower of Shri Late ram Monahar Lohia. Thuralapati is the brain behind the top and founder general secretary and drafted the manifesto of the party and floated the idea of Tleugu vari Atma Gavuravam and rice at Rs 2 per kg., While NTR is is the founder president of the party. In the elections CBN made mockery of NTR and a hard core criticizer of NTR. TDP swept the polls with thumping majority.
Dhagupati Venkateswar another son in law of NTR stood with NTR right from the inception of the party. NTR became the chief Minister, CBN along with his wife (NTR Daughter) and touched his father in law's feet and begged him to take him in to TDP and NTR conceded to his begging as NTR is well known for the favoritism of his own family. Thus CBN entered the TDP. And with the help of his Co brother dagupati Venkateswar Rao started distancing Thurlapati Satyananarayana. And finally the poor Brahmin thuralapati is thrown out of the party in its first mahanadu. He was manhandled at the gates of Mahanadu. And CBN got the position of the Thrulapati ' s post as general secretary and elevated to its secretary general.

by Pandalaneni Srimannarayana                   PART 2 CLICK HERE