Chittoor Mayor Anuradha shot dead

Nov 17, 2015

Katari Anuradha has been brutally killed by a group. According to the latest reports, A Gang who were burka has shot Anuradha in a close range and later attacked Anuradha's husband Katari Mohan who is also severely injured at the incident. 

The police department has been immediately responded to the incident and suspecting the gang might be from the locales of Karnataka region. Katari Anuradha is from Telugu Desam Party and her husband Katari Mohan is also an accused on old murder case of MLA CK Babu who is also from TDP. There is also a suspicion on Anuradha's son in law Chandrasekhar (Chintu) who could also be the reason behind her murder and was in argument for the sum of 3 Lakh Rupees. 

The reason behind murder is clearly known that it might be due to financial disputes. The police case has been registered on murder suspect. Currently 144 section has been called through out Chittoor District.