Anushkha Reacts To Ali's Comments

Nov 24, 2015

Comedian Ali is in news for making some irritating comments on ANushkha Shetty during the audio launch of the film Size Zero. Though the actress did not respond on these rumors, she finally responded now. The comedian has faced severe comments for his behaviour during the audio launches and after every thing that went into a serious situation, the actor has openly apologized and promised that he will be careful while talking in public events in next time. Also, the comedian Ali clarified that he made those comments for fun and was never interested to make it a serious issue or to hurt anyone.
Now Anushka also opens up on the issue. Anushka who is busy with size zero promotions reposed on the matter. Reacting to Ali's comment, she said "Ali is my good friend and I know him and his family well. I don't think he meant to hurt me. I don't want to elaborate on them". Looks like though the heroine really hurt with the comments, they openly can not admit that they are hurt.