6 Telugu Heroes Who Impressed Bollywood Audiences

Nov 25, 2015

Telugu Film industry offers a very good opportunity to the new comers and there are several new talents in our film industry who are testing their luck with back to back films and also at the same time we also have our heroes travelling to other film industries as well. For instance, the process can be termed as an exchanging process.
We have our heroes going to other film industries and at the same time the actors from other industries are also coming here and are testing their luck in our film Industry! The makers are really accepting any actor as they want the actor to entertain the audiences. Especially, in our Telugu film industry, we have so many big stars and small heroes and also have artists coming from the other languages and the other film industries and they always made a special appearance in terms of acting and impressing the movie lovers.
Now, it is the time to discuss about our own actors who travelled to the other film industries. As we all know that majority of the female actors and the antagonist leads in the film industry are based on other languages and industries. We welcomed them with open arms. Also, there is a warm welcome for our own actors in other film industries and especially in Bollywood.
There are actors like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, venkatesh who tested their luck in Tollywood film industry and they have also made an attempt in Hindi. But their major priority is Telugu and whenever they get  a chance, they were never left behind inorder to impress the Hindi movie lovers. In the same way, many times, our artists are being loved and supported as much as we do here. This is really a very lucky scenario for the actors who are really concerned about the way they are welcomed in other film industries and here is a list about the actors now exclusively for our Andhrapulse readers.

Chiranjeevi is a mega star in Telugu industry and he tested his luck in bollywood by acting in movies like Prathibandh, Aaj Ka Gunda Raaj and few other films.

Shiva, Gawah, Criminal, Zakhm, Agni Varsha, LOC Kargil, Mr. Bechara are few of his films in Hindi and he is the most successful actor in Bollywood.

Victory Venkatesh also tried his luck in Hindi film industry where he made films like Anari, Taqdeerwala.
Rana Daggubati

Tollywood Hulk Rana Daggubati was seen in films like Dum Maaro Dum, Department, Baby, Yeh Jawaani Yeh Diwani and Baahubali.
Ram Charan

The biggest debut failure is credited to him with the film Zanjeer.

He made his debut with Baahubali.