6 Popular Telugu Hosts In Telugu Film Industry

Nov 27, 2015

Hosting is very important these days now. The makers of the film are organizing many important functions and events and all they need now is to grab the attention of the maximum gathering or the audiences and now the centre of attraction will automatically shifts to the hosts in Telugu cinema. The anchors in Telugu film industry are the best and be it anything they just rock the function with their experience and activeness on the screens. The makers are all excited about the film they are going to make as well and so they rope in good hosts for their functions to double the excitement.
The audio launches play the major role in the film promotions and the hosts that come to cheer up the audiences and fans will be paid a bomb automatically too. Hence, the makers wanted some good faces and a voice that impresses everyone. We have many such hosts in the industry but it takes a lot of good work to make it to the top and it has been possible only by Suma and few other hosts in the film industry now. The way they made a mark for themselves is ever inspiring and only few like them are still continuing their career here.
Here is an exclusive interesting article on the hosts of Telugu cinema who made a mark for themselves and are continuing in the career with a lot of positive spirit.
The first on the list is Suma Kanakala who is ever energetic and active. She is the top in the industry now and she will rule the TV screen for few more years as well.

And then comes Jhansi. She is also equal to Suma and grabs the second place and sometime she equals Suma too. Both are very good friends and made a mark for themselves in the industry.

Now, its time to talk about Udaya Bhanu who is very energetic and mass. She has that unique charm and she alone can host some programs. She is also always at her best.

And comes Anasuya who slowly started her career with small programs and has reached to a stage where she is a must for some programs.

We need not elaborate about Ohmkar because yeah he is Ohmkar annayya and we knew everything about him.

Shilpa Chakraborthy is also a popular host who entertains with her own skills.