6 Memorable Roles Designed By Trivikram

Nov 27, 2015

Trivikram Srinivas is a popular name in Telugu film industry who made some very good films. He was born on 7th November 1973. He initially started his career as a dialogue writer and later turned director in the Telugu film industry. He did his schooling and Intermediate in Bhimavaram. Trivikram married Sirivennala Seetha Rama Sastry's niece. On educational front, interestingly, Trivikram is a gold medalist from Andhra University in Nuclear Physics. He is the well educated director in Telugu film industry who made nothing is impossible.
Trivikram never had plans of entering into the films but he always had a special liking towards literature and other interesting things. Sunil introduced Trivikram to T.D.V. Prasad, who was making a film and said that Trivikram was a bloody good writer and was looking for a break. Later Trivikram worked as a assistant to Posani Krishna Murali as an assistant dialogue writer for many films in his career. After that, the director worked as a dialogue writer for the movie Swayamvaram. Later he signed first for this movie it is the movie Nuvve Kavali released first which was a major hit at box office. Now, we came up with an interesting feature about Trivikram's films and the characters he designed in his films. Many of the characters have been a hit but there are also a few characters for which he did not get the good name. And here is a list of those characters which were famous and some are not famous as well. Check it out and suggest us in the comments if we miss any!

1. Shafi character in Khaleja is the most under rated one and when everyone that he would deserve award for the performance he showed in the film, it completely gone wrong but it stands as one of the best roles in his career!

2. Rao Ramesh character in Khaleja is also an interesting role where he did not play anything similar like that in his earlier movies. Now, the actor also got a good name and recognition for the role he played in the film.

 3 & 4. Sunil in Manmadhudu and Sunil in Jai Chiranjeeva. These roles has brought him a lot of recognition. Based on their friendship, Trivikram never designed a normal role for Sunil in his films. Every role of his in Trivikram's films turned out to be a hilarious one.

5. Brahmaji also got a very good name after acting in the film Athadu as Bujji and the dialogue Aadu magadra Buji is very famous!
6. Brahmanandam as Lavangam is extremely hilarious and it is one best role in brahmi's career.