5 Best Loved Performances From Child Actors In Telugu

Nov 14, 2015

And its Children's day today! Everyone of us are very well searching for that one child in us inorder to make ourselves bring out and make the most of it. Let the child in us keep alive. We have been watching too many child stars in our Tollywood and let us check it out whether we can be any one of those stars. Children are considered as the god. A house where a child lives with happy smiles all around considered to be the best home in the world. Who wont love kids and the cuteness of those in the films really surprise a lot. Coming to the films, oh man! thats too adorable.

And every 14th November, as a school kid, we always look forward for a big surprising and interesting day! We used to skip the classes and celebrate the day with so many culture activities and sweets. And on this children's day many of us would indulge ourselves thinking about some movie we watched in our childhood. Now, here’s a look at some memorable performances by children in Telugu films. Performances that made us fall in love with childhood all over again and few we are experiencing now as well.

1. Shamili

Who doesn’t know her. She has been the most cutest child star we have ever known. And she always been the first in the list of any good performances. She acted in Oy as a female lead and is now making a successful comeback as well. She will be seen in a Tamil film soon! She doesn’t speak much in the film, but Shamili’s angelic antics made us fall in love with her. She is seen in the film Anjali s Anjali who is seen with a disability.She also bagged a National Award for best child actor.

2. Kavya

The little angel of Little Soldiers is Kavya who was seen as too natural and she almost stole our hearts with her very nice performance in the film. She has given one of the finest performances as a child star. The film is about Two ill-behaved children are orphaned in an accident and are forced to live with their estranged grandfather.

3. Teja Sajja

Who doesnt know him. Our junior Chiranjeevi. He is now in trails to play the lead roles in the film.s His notable performances from the films Indra, Chatrapathi, Tagore and many films.

4. Tarun

Tarun, the now actor is a child artist then and he received the National Film Award for Best Child Artist in 1991, for his work in Mani Ratnam's Anjali and also won acclaim for his work in the Malayalam children's film, Abhayam and he won the Best Child artist Award at the Furoshiki Film Festival in Japan. He is a successful star!

5. Akhil Akkineni

The Sisindri of our generation. The superstar from Akkineni family. His performance in the film Sisindri as a child impressed us and he made a walk into the acting dimension at an early age and it took 19 years again to make his first debut with the film Akhil which released few days back.