4 Actresses Who Were Victims Of MMS Scandals

Nov 21, 2015

With the advancements of the latest technology and the improvements in the latest technical things, there is also a problem here. Especially the people in the glamor field are facing so many problems regarding the same. Most of the times it has been becoming a problem for the female celebrities where the problem of privacy is coming in between for them. Very few actress respond to this and few just ignore. But there are many actresses who were trapped into this ugly scene and have suffered a lot. Of late, in our Telugu and Tamil film industries, we have several actresses who have suffered and undergone this but they all stood strong at the end of the day and made it big with their confidence.

Here is a list of actresses who have suffered this in the past and in the recent times, few actresses have been named in the rumored scandals. But all of them have denied the facts that this is a thing that was intended to damage their reputation. Let us have a look into this and an exclusive feature is cooked up for Andhrapulse readers!


South Indian Top Actress Trisha was the first victim who get caught in this scandal. This has been sensational news in those times where she was just growing in her career as actress and the scandal has come out where the actress was seen taking bath in a hotel room. The video went viral in 2004. Trisha said that it is not her and its her body double.


South actress Hansika Motwani has also faced a similar problem like that of Trisha and she was also seen in a video taking her bath but finally she has chosen not to respond to the issue and finally it was revealed that it is a fake video. The news later went viral all over.

Malayalam actress Naztiya Nazim had also faced a similar thing.A girl who is looking like Nazriya while web-cam chatting did a live strip show and the video went viral. Nazriya also never responded to this issue. But it looks like it is not her in that.

And now Radhika Apte is a girl of controversies who have been seen mostly in the news recent times. Her nude selfies went viral and she made confession that those were body doubles. But later she herself did nude in an Anurag Kashyap movie.