2 Untold Stories About SVR & Savitri!

Nov 18, 2015

There are many iconic actors in our film industry. There are actors and actresses who ruled the industry for so many years. As per the latest buzz, it is being heard that there are two untold true stories regarding SV Ranga Rao and senior actress Mahanati Savitri. Our latest article is two reveal those two stories and the story is posted on social media on Hemanthology page. The two stories reveal the greatness of the actors. We have heard so many stories till date about the performance skills of these actors and now these prove the same yet again,

1. SV Ranga Rao

This story/incident was told by SV Ranga Rao to noted lyricist Veturi Sundarammurthy about an incident while shooting for a scene in the film Deepavali which stas Sr NTR and Savitri in the lead roles. The film released in the year 1960.
SVR garu was going through his dialogues for a major scene, which turned out to be a monologue which gobbled 400 ft of the reel. Savithri garu, NTR garu were also present on the set and when the camera started rolling, everyone was stunned with SVR's performance. It was pitch perfect and everyone raved about SVR. However SVR wasn't happy with it. He wanted a retake. The diro/Savitri/NTR resisted. But SVR was adamant that he wanted a retake. When the director asked him why he wanted to go it, when he got it spot on the first time. It wasn't until he mentioned about the goof-up, due to his heavy make-up that everyone on the set realised that there was a continuity error. And guess what SVR finally said, "Well, I don't think Narakasarudu would have worn spectacles while delivering a dialogue."
The last one is epic, right?

2. Savitri

Here is another interesting story and this is about Mahanati Savitri garu.
The only time when even legends like SV Ranga Rao garu, NTR garu and ANR garu were jittery on a film set was when they had to shoot with Savithri, because for anyone who has grown up watching Telugu/Tamil cinema, Savithri garu was the very definition of acting.
During the early stages of Savithri garu's career, when a director told her that she had to cry in a scene, she asked him "How much should I cry?". The director, who was taken aback with Savithri garu's bravado, decided to teach her a lesson with a condescending attitude. I want you shed just 2 tear drops from your right eye in this scene. Nothing more. Nothing less. You think you can do it?" he said. What followed next was a proof of how sublime Savithri garu was. 2 drops of tears from her right eye. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Today, we may not have actors like these, but there are a few who really take up the challenges and prove their versatality. But no one can ever beat them!