2 Comedy Styles Ruling & Ruining TFI

Nov 15, 2015

Gone those days where the comedy track is travelling with the story line. The makers are no where interested in showing the comedy as a healthy tool for the entertainment. All of them are travelling in a path where there is no scope for the actor to perform and also no scope for the director to provide some interesting role or character to the actors. Comedy is the best thing that Telugu films are good at. We have directors like Jandhyala and EVV Satyanarayana who made numerous films on comedy backdrop. They showed the way to success and they never fell into the routine working style.

We have good comedians like Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana, Dharmavarapu, AVS, Sunil and many others. But of late, many comedians passed away and there is always a place in the industry unoccupied., The audiences are really expecting that some one would come and replace the deceased actors but no one is really caring to enthrall the audiences with the special comic touch. Comedians like Brahmanandam also got too routine and he himself made the mistake of accepting similar kind of roles and put himself in a place today which we really hate at.

Currently, the film industry is revolving around two kinds of comedy. The first comedy is the commercial comedy which we regularly see in the commercial films in the industry. In almost every hundred films, we experience similar kind of comedy in atleast 70 films. This is not an achievement because audiences have also learnt to reject them. But on an interesting note, the public really got fed up with this forced routine comedy and have been hating it on screen. For an instance, the star comedian Brahmanandam has no single hit this year. Also, the demand for this actor is slowly growing down and the situation also reached to a point where the people started worrying about him.

Now, coming to the second kind of comedy, it is none other than the Horror comedy. In the name of horror comedy, the makers are trying experiments. Many times it failed. It only worked in the case of the film Prema Katha Chitram. But day by day, it is slowly getting worse. Sapathagiri is the man who is famous in this genre, But slowly he is getting type case and when everyone thought that he would replace Brahmanandam, getting type cast, he is loosing his charm and very soon his comedy is also going to disappear and the forced comedy comes into action. This year, we have too many horror comedies which worked and few really took us to the realization state. But still there is a hope in the young film makers thinking that they will bring a change in this situation. All that we need to do is to wait and watch!