10 Actresses Caught In Sex Racket

Nov 19, 2015

1. Unnamed Artist from Goa
As soon as a sex Racket was opened in Goa in Panaji, the reports revealed that a female Telugu artist was arrested in the sex racket.

More @ https://youtu.be/XJHMDYtiF6s

2. Shwetha Basu Prasad
 As we all knew that the popular actress Shwetha Basu Prasad has been arrested and was sent to a rescue home as well. But the truth is that she was made to face it and she has no connection to it. Post release from the rescue home, she revealed it to the media.

More @ https://youtu.be/PgjEaJ9g4Z0

3. Jyothi
In a 2010 Sex Racket, telugu artists Jyothi and Saira Bhanu were caught red handed.

More @ https://youtu.be/iALNO7QJ3vo

4. Saira Bhanu
Saira Bhanu was also caught red handed in a sex racket in 2010.

More @ https://youtu.be/iALNO7QJ3vo

5. TV Actress Sravani
A TV Actress Sravani was caught red handed in a prostitution racket.

More @ https://youtu.be/tRStDe90TSg

6. Jnuior Artist Zara
A junior artist Zara was also caught in the sex racket.

7. Kinnara
In a TV operation, it is found that actress Kinnara traps Junior Artists.

More @ https://youtu.be/JbjaBpgImS0

8. Aish Ansari

Actress Aish Ansari, who has also played small roles in Hindi films like Chalte Chalte and Om Shanti Om, has been caught red handed, while she was engaged in sex trade activities on Tuesday, November 05, 2013.

9. Yamuna
Noted actress also caught in prostitution 4 years back.

More @ https://youtu.be/AtmJ3SBXqr8

10. Niharika

MK jewellery shop owner  'Murali Krishna' was caught red handed during the raid. The junior artist Niharika said to the media that Murali has offered a chance in the movies. She added that she is involved this sex racket for the chances in the movies only. Niharika acted in only few films as a junior artist.