Dynamite Movie Review

Sep 4, 2015

Andhra Pulse presents you Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha starrer Dynamite Movie Review this weekend. Devakatta is the director and produced alone by Manchu Vishnu on 24 Frames Factory banner.

Being the remake of Tamil Super Hit film Arima Nambi, Manchu Vishnu bought the rights and remade it with Dynamite. Read below for Dynamite Telugu Movie Review.


Sivaji (VIshnu) and Anamika (Pranitha) falls in love at first sight and moves on to the date on a particular day. Unfortunately Anamika will be kidnapped by unknown persons.

Sivaji who waits for Anamika comes to know the real reason behind Anamika's kidnap and goes to Central Minister Rishi Dev (JD Chakravarthy). What is reason behind Anamika's Kidnap ? Why did Sivaji meet Rishi Dev ? Will Sivaji save Anamika is rest of the story.


Manchu Vishnu attempts brave in his role and gives his best with his action stunts. His matured performance is definitely a big asset to the film.

Pranitha Subhash is limited to her role and gave her best in most of the combo scenes with Manchu Vishnu

JD Chakravarthy gives decent entry with great comeback in good script


The music composed by Achu has no scope make the film go in impressive note with the songs which are weak in visuals.

Action Choreography gave their best in the film's output

Director Deva Katta has selected this line with ease and gets impressive marks by giving most twists

Production Values by 24 Frames Factory are rich


The film's first half goes on racy and the film's latter half is wasted with unwanted scenes and unsituation song sequence.

Manchu Vishnu's Dare Devil Stunts will enthrall audience. The scenes between Manchu Vishnu-JD Chakravarthy are a visual treat. Comedy by VIVA Harsha gives relief to audience.

Final Word:

Thrilling Entertainer