Pawan Kalyan tweets on Land Acquisition

Aug 19, 2015

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has again tweeted about the Land acquisition act. The actor has reportedly tweeted and suggested Telugu Desam Government about the Land Acquisition.

Pawan Kalyan, "I request TDP govt not to use 'Land acquisition act' on unwilling farmers of  multi cropped Land in capital region.

Whichever be the country, whoever be the ruler...'the price of Development of one area r one group always results in environmental pollution,displacement &disgruntlement of another group.

This is the very nature of civilisation'. But development with least damage possible completely lies in the wisdom of rulers.

I urge Hon'ble CM of AP ..Sri CBN garu not to Use 'Land acquisition act'on Fertile Multi cropped Lands  of Undavalli,Penumaka,Bethapudi..& other River front villages".

Let's hope how do TDP responds to the Tweets by Pawan Kalyan