Cinema Choopista Mava Movie Review

Aug 14, 2015

Andhrapulse is back with Cinema Choopista Mava Movie Review this friday. Raj Tharun, Avika Gor is back with their latest film titled Cinema Choopista Mava which is releasing today worlwide. Trinadha Rao directed this film and produced by Bogadi Anji Reddy, Bekkam Venugopal, Rupesh D Gohil and G Sunitha under Lucky Media Entertainments and Aryath Cine Enterprises banner. 

The film has Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmanandham, Sapthagiri, Krishna Bhagawan in supporting roles. Sekhar Chandra music gets good response from the music lovers. The film being an love cum family entertainer is all set to release with expectations on the super jodi Raj Tharun-Avika Gor who are back after their hit film Uyyala Jampala.

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Katthi (Raj Tharun) is careless young guy who fails his intermediate twice. Parineetha (Avika Gor), from Bengali Film is a daughter of Somanath Chatterjee (Rao Ramesh) who believes in success which comes from hardwork.

Parineetha is top ranker in her college and Katthi who comes across Parineetha falls in love with her. Katthi manages following her at all time and finally Parineetha accepts the proposal of Katthi.

Somanath Chatterjee who comes to know about Katthi-Parineetha Love decides to marry them on one condition and throws challenge to Katthi. Will Katthi accepts challenge? What is the condition for their marriage proposal is rest of the story.


Raj Tharun gives energetic performance once again in this film. His skills and timing in dialogues are major asset in the film.

Avika Gor yet entertains with her decent performance. She looks apt in the role.

Rao Ramesh looks good as responsible father and followed the same stamina in this film too compared to his earlier films. 

Brahmanandam and Sapthagiri roles are hilarious

Plus Points:

Raj Tharun-Avika on screen chemistry

Rao Ramesh scenes with Raj Tharun

Racy 1st Half

Minus Points:

Slow Narration

Routine Story

Boring Scenes in 2nd Half



The film goes on a flow with no login behind screenplay and the director of the film Trinadha Rao has played a safe game in execution. The first half of the film goes on rapid pace with load full comedy and punch dialogues.

Though the second half has time to make all the things to happen in an order, the director tries to pull the film with ransom scenes to cover run time. Few scenes in both halves have come out well. 

Final Word:

Watchable Film