Telangana Government action against Outlook Magazine Asst Editor

Jul 1, 2015

In the recent days Outlook Magazine is famed as it has published a defaming article on Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s secretary Smitha Sabharwal.
Interestingly now Telangana Government has taken a serious action but not providing an accrediation to

Outlook Magazine Assistant Editor Madhavi Tata who has presented the article in depicting manner. Even Telangana Press Academy also given their vote to government and cancelled Madhavi Tata’s present accrediation.

Outlook has published an article with the titled ‘Deep Throat’ where it didn’t mention the name of any but it can clearly known from the phrase of words that beauty of Smitha Sabharwal is shown in a cheap manner with a cartoon where a lean person who resembles KCR with a camera and politician having the view of the secretary walk.

Smitha Sabharwal has sent a legal notice to Outlook magazine and the concerned department is said to reply to this within 15 days of receival.