KCR uses AP Re-Org Act for funds from Central

Jul 4, 2015

At the recent meet of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao with Niti Aayog at his camp office he requested the center to release funds for development.

It is now to be known that KCR has quoted AP Reorganization Act to get the funds as center promised both the states with assistance when they needed. Now KCR is playing a double game when Andhra Pradesh is getting benefits with AP Reorganization Act and saying the act will not apply. When it is loss to AP then the act will apply.

We are aware that at the recent press meets or conference KCR has officially stated that Telangana has surplus budget and next to Gujarat in India. Now it is a big talk in the minds of people that if KCR stops spending on his caravans and flow the funds to the undeveloped to Districts it will be a good sense.