Basthi Movie Review

Jul 6, 2015

Basthi film marks the acting debut of Veteran Actress Jayasudha’s son Shreyan Kapoor and also lead actress Pragathi Chowrasya is debuting as lead actress in the movie. The film couldn’t maker right promotion due to very short period between audio launch and release date. Only TV promos are aired which didn’t bring right craze over the film. Lets see how the movie is in theaters in our Basthi Review below…

Story – Performances :-
 Bhikshapati (Kota Srinivasa Rao) Ammiraju (Mukesh Rishi) are two rival groups in a villaige and finally settled with out any rivals between them. After many years Ammiraju’s niece Vijay (Shreayan) flies down to India to live here and their he sees Pragathi who is the sister of Bhikshapati’s daughter Shravanthi (Pragathi). Bikshapati’s son Bhavani (Abhimanyu Singh) doesn’t like the love affair and ends both his father and Ammiraju when they want to enter marriage alliance. Bhavani tries to catch the love birds and give punishment of death. Rest of the film runs on will Bhavani catch Vijay-Shravanthi forms rest of the cast.
Being a debutant Shreyan does a clean performance but he should work out on his expressions to stay long in the industry. Pragathi is good in her limited character and beautiful in songs. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Abhimanyu Singh, Mukesh Rushi and others does their part neatly. Production Values are standard.

Hit or Phat :-
Vasu Mantena being a debutant he tried the old formulate of commericial flick and can be told he failed to get even an average marks for this direction. Music is just ok and cinematography is decent. Predicatable Story in the second part and entertainment less first half totally tests the patience of the audience and nothing plus to be mentioned.
Andra Pulse score :- 2.25/5