What is the real reason behind Arthi's death

Jun 7, 2015

In 2005 Aarthi Agarwal was seen committed with suicide which didnot work with her and doctors saved her in hours, But now when she doesnot want to die and just wanted to reduce the weight Arithi agarwal was seen dead with Cardica arreset and this is called fate.Aarthi agarwal the beautiful telugu heroine who breather her last due to cardiac arrest have other few rumours around her death.Firstly Family members declared she was gone with heart attack but this is not a easy thing as she has grown over fat operated for Liposuction and it resulted in serious Respiratory complications.Cardiac stroke would be even hitting her due to depression.Arthi is in serious depression from 2005 as her career has taken a downward spiral in those days.Third cause looks like she might have even committed suicide too ! Who knows ?