Telugu Girl goes serious on FB Page..??

Jun 20, 2015

Movies are my passion not my life? well guys since a year or so am reading all your comments on my wall and today I have lost my patience, I am a human being so jus stop all the good for nothing comments on my posts, I dont mind if you don?t encourage but jus stop discouraging me, and just remove bloody shit from your minds, as you don?t know the fact and you have never stepped into my shoe. The truth is: am away from movies as am not satisfied with the characters am getting I will definitely do good films soon and AM SO MUCH SATISFIED BEING A BUSINESS WOMAN, so plzzzzzzzz cut the dry shit out. Am absolutely happy with my life and am thankful for my real fans who always supports and rest others get lost from my wall?.Posted Madhavi Latha on her Facebook wall asking people or the fans of her to stop involving on personal issues of her.She expressed her inner feelings that Cinema is not all of her life and but just a part.She got vexed with various comments on her FB page who stated about her new business as a dumb move.Recently actress like Swathi reddy and Vishaka Singh faced the ire and now one more heroine joins the list.