TDP is compromising on this - YCP

Jun 20, 2015

The sequence of events clearly point out that TDP is working out for a compromise formula to come out the cash for vote imbroglio which is evident from a Union Minister trying to broker peace and state ministers suddenly withdrawing their remarks against the Governor,?Said the YCP Leaders stating how AP Government and Particularly TDP party is trying to blend down this Vote for Note scam by throwing a scape goat on for the million ways." They have zero proof and trying to put mud against our party cornering from every side.When if they have proof that Jagan is behind this they can just bring it into the public as the media is even went Yellow wide because of them" Said Bots satyanarayana. " Union minister tried for the Comprimise between TRS and TDP just because of the request from Chandrababu naidu , This is a Shameful act and they will do much more crimes in coming days " Botsa added.