TDP Government Breach of Privilege

Jun 7, 2015

TDP government once again showed the Biased Mentality of their own.YS Jagan Opposition party leader is supposed to be invited for Bhumi Puja of Capital city prior 2 days atleas.But TDP played gimmic by sending a Messenger in the last minute and this broke the Privilages and respects.Deputy Floor Leader Jyothula Nehru explained the same to media . He said ” Bhumi Puja is such a historic and important event to be done with the happiness of Opposition parties too This is not Chandrababu naidu’s own family thing or objectionable means so that he and his wife can do all this” Stated Nehru.Though the muhurat was fixed well in advance, the invitation being sent through a messenger on Friday evening. This shows the vicious intentions of the TDP and courtesy demands that the Chief Minister himself should personally call the Leader of Opposition, who holds the rank of a cabinet minister, and invite him to the event, Nehru said.Nehru also stated he is going to movie a Privilege motion for breaching the invitation to LEader of Opposition during such an important development concerened is happening in the Capital city.