Panjaa Actor says Sorry to Prabhas fans

Jun 16, 2015

Hi guys,Was quite surprised to see some reactions to my speech.Meant no ill will. Have utmost love and respect for ?#?Prabhas? and all his fans. #Prabhas was always the first guy on set to make sure I was OK. Anybody who knows me on the set of ?#?Baahubali? knows how good he has been. Please know that both these huge actors that I have worked with have been full of grace and affection. Please don’t misconstrue my words. I simply wanted to speak about my start in the industry and thank the people who gave me both movies. Wanted to extend my gratitude for it. Want to apologize to anyone who felt otherwise. It wasn’t intended.” Posted Aadivi Sesh after his speech on Baahubali stage considering an apology for Prabhas fans.