Mahesh babu is Salman khan of Tollywood

Jun 6, 2015

 Young hero Varun Dhawan on Bollywood has expressed his love towards telugu cinema and he confirmed the way he love to watch NTR movies.He even confined he is a big fan of Mahesh babu and he wants to work with Mahesh in his entire life time for atleast once.Varun Dhawan and Shradda were seen in Hyderabad the other day to promote their movie ABCD2 , Varun expressed his desire of watching NTRs and mahesh babus all the time.Varun compared Mahesh babu as Salman Khan of Tollywood , He also said Telugu film industry is so blessed to have Director Rajamouli with him and he said he wants to play atleast a small role into his movie in his career time atleast.