jagan details every thing to Indian president in Delhi

Jun 11, 2015

YSR Cheif , Opposition leader Jagan Mohan reddy met Pranab mukherjee in his tour of Delhi he was seen meeting Pranab and explaning how things are with the people of AP.He detailed out how Chandrababu is trying to fame himself out of the scope of this Allegations in this Vote for Note scam issue.YS Jagan poured all ways for Telangana passions and also said the Teluguiate he might be from TG or AP is so important for YCP party.Jagan said ACB is is not daring to take him Chandrababu naidu as A1 Culprit in this case. “There cannot be two different sets of laws for the CM and the commoner,” averred YS Jagan. He accused Chandrababu of turning Andhra Pradesh into a scam-ridden state. “There are at least 10 such major scams during the past one year. He has used the kick-backs from these scams to buy MLAs during the recent MLC elections in Telangana,” said YS Jagan. “At least 100 crore were involved in the botched up attempt to buy votes. Where did the Money come from,” Jagan asked.