Iam Still Alive Dont Kill me - Director

Jun 10, 2015

“I fell ill , hospitalized and cut myself off from phones. TRUE. Rest is a mystery .And I love death , I openly confessed it in my writings , art , talks. I learnt a lot from death which I observed from close quarters while I am in Medicine. DEATH is no joke for me. this is all because of a disturbance which I could not control and trying to control. I will try tougher measures so that such “disturbances” do not disturb other people.” Posted Young Director Viplav Koneti after Media speculated the news of his death all over.While his mobile and other contacts were took OFF mode where in he has health issues to deal with , Even he was not in the home town or other places where he used to live in . Eventually Viplav was declared Dead by media which is another wrong gaing and route by media to deal with.