Iam not CM Candidate - Balayya

Jun 23, 2015

Balakrishna finally replied to those who are expecting him to be Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh soon.Balayya the other day speaking to media expressed his desires of NOT being CM any way.Media has speculated what if Chandrababu naidu gets the Notices from Vote for Note scam and if he got to resign to his Chief Minister Post ? So Balayya’s name along with Ashok Gajapathi raju was out and Fans took it viral that Balayya is going to be seen as CM of state soon.As Media tried to dig into the internal affairs of TDP, Balakrishna replied: “I have come here to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Hospital. So, No Politics!”. Later on after the completion of celebration Balayya brushed aside the reports.” Chandrababu naidu is the only person who can deal the State and Party well like every one does ” Said Nandamuri Hero.