Chandrababu naidu got only 10 minutes

Jun 13, 2015

Its now a big issue that is Modi trying to send out Chandrababu naidu for his dual standards on this vote for note scam?How much time did Nara Chandrababu Naidu get to plead his case in the Cash for Vote scam with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?Close sources said Babu has not more than 10 mins of meeting with Narendra modi and he didnot get proper promise from Narendra modi on this issue.TDP friendly media trumpeted that it was one on one meeting anda host of otehr issues too came up for discussion but its all big trumpeted again by Yellow people.The PMO has given only 1o minutes to Chandrababu naidu as Modi was so busy with the appointments of various people and its Thursday where MOdi will be seen usually.