Chandrababu's total story in 'Rastraaniki Mosagadu'

Jun 5, 2015

We already read in our site that Jagan mohan reddy released a book named Rastraaniki Mosagadu claiming Chandrababu naidu”s false statements all over the AP before election.Jagan mohan reddy released it in Samara deeksha and it contained all the fraud promises by Chandrababu.The book was detailed by our sources and it contains full too details with date and time where in Chandrababu promised about Loan waiver issue to farmers and DWACRA women.The Publishers printed with clear time and place where Chandrababu promised such promises . The book also has every detail about Babu sourcing out regarding Unemployees for their Stiphend and jobs with in one year.Every where Babu promised about the loan waiver and unemployeement stiphend in particular he was unable to drench atleast a single thing at all.