Botsa Satyanarayana officially joins YCP now

Jun 7, 2015

Former Congress Leader , Chief Botsa Satyanarayana who has resigned to that Party has joined in YCP this morning,They already had the Muhurth to deal with at 8.15 on June 7th (Today).Bots went to the Lotus Pond party head quarters this morning and met Jagan in personal Later on he declared the same to media.Initial stages rumours spreaded taht Botsa is interested to Join BJP but finally Botsa wanted to show his loyality to Late YSR and finally entered YCP to deal with the issues of people in Uttarandhra region.Even when Botsa gave the Resgination letter to PCC Cheif Sonia and Raghuveera reddy he was suspended from the party by Congress after the time.Botsa satyanarayana is the only politician from congress who suceessfully managed to keep the security deposit in 2014 election.