KCR's Channel gets warning from "Chowdary"

Jun 11, 2015

TRS Channel which is named T News in Telangana is currently getting Threatening calls to them says the Channel.The Channel stated some one who spoke to the channel this morning is blaming them on Leaked issue of Chandrababu naiud’s tapping and Revanth reddy arrest issue said ” ‘Chowdary ni matladuthunna. Em cheyyalo adi chestha!’. Threat call was from the cell number 9440005780. T-News Management confirmed the reports.Police were tasked to find out who made this call ,, They are estimating this as Prank call may be as the Intention was seen to take the advantage of battile between TDP and TRS parties . “CHOWDARY” word was intetionally used by the prank caller said the police department to media.T News even stopped the telecast of Telangana state celbrations live from Tank bund and showed the audio tapes recordings in which Chandrababu naidu was caught red handed