Chandrababu Naidu tries to Make it AP vs Telangana

Jun 10, 2015

Chandrababu naidu once again showing his ways to blame the government of others where in he was found redhanded by the Phone conversation of his with Stefenson the Nominated MLA of TRS on Sunday.He sought to deflect growing clamour for his resignation in the view of his telephonic conversation.Babu is now going double word yet again.On one hand he states the voice of his was done mimicry by the opposition at the same time he shoutes warnings to KCR stating he is tapping phones of Chandrababu naidu ” Many Governments were gone after the Phone Tapping issue , Be aware KCR Be very Careful brace yourselves ” Warned Chandrababu naidu talking about Cash for Votes issue in TG.After many days of Revanthreddy;s arrest Chandrababu maintained Healthy silence on this issue and took his words out the other day at Mangalagiri meet which surprised every one.Looks like Babu creating this rucukus as war between AP and Telangana .