Tough Time For SSR In Future

May 10, 2015

SS Rajamouli is one of the most respectable directors in the film industry. He does everything by a lot of planning and never disappoints with his films. Whatever he likes, he tries to incorporate in his films. Sometimes, he wont mind to copy or inspire. And that has become the biggest problem for Rajamouli right now. The recent pictures of Bahubali were said to be copied posters by some sections of audiences and at the same time, the director has faced a lot of criticism.

The social media was full of stories about how it is a copy of a popular Hollywood poster. Then Prabhas’s poster of him carrying a Siva lingam was released. Now, it is being said that a similar poster was made for an old film. On the other hand, Baahubali’s look and story are being said to have been heavily inspired by NTR, Gummadi, Kantha Rao starrer Marmayogi. Reportedly, the overseas movie lovers are very unhappy about this. Whatever it could be, Rajamouli will be facing much criticism in future too.