Siddarth's Naalo Okkadu Movie Review

May 9, 2015

Enakkul Oruvan is a Tamil film directed by debutant Prasad Ramar and produced by C. V. Kumar, which is a remake of the 2013 Kannada film Lucia by Pawan Kumar. The film features Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in the lead roles, with Santhosh Narayanan composing the film’s music. The Telugu version Naalo Okkadu released today. Check out our review.


Vicky (Siddharth) is an usher at an old rundown theatre. He suffers from insomnia and during one sleepless night, he meets some dubious characters, who introduce him to the world of Lucia which is a drug that induces sleep. The best part of this is that you will have opportunity to live in your dreams. Vicky starts living in a dream world where he is Vignesh and all the real life characters will take birth in the dream world too. His lady Divya will also exists in two worlds. The real life will be shown in color and the dream world in black and white.

Finally, at a point we will be struck as what to choose and a confusion between dream and reality.

What is that situation?

Will there be an end to his dream?

The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.


The film was set on an interesting backdrop. The plot is non-linear, and the end scene of the film shows the real beginning of the story. The plot starts with the protagonist being in a state of coma and continuing only on life support. The film, from the beginning, tells two stories of the same person, one in colour and the other in black and white.

Siddarth does a remarkable job in the film by choosing a right kind of role. The film is a Tamil remake and the Tamil film is a Kannada remake. The basic intention behind a remake is to take the original story to another set of audience. Naalo Okkadu is a psychological thriller with little bit of fantasy sprinkled to add some spice. A genius-story with uncompromising logical connections and scientific validation has made the proceedings successful.

As discussed earlier, Siddharth’s conscious decision to take up this role is interesting but he failed to impress Telugu audiences as the Telugu audiences are expecting something new and interesting from him and this psychological thriller is not we are expecting from him. The female lead Deepa Sannidhi can shed tears and also inhibitions. The variety she gets to enjoy in the film proves her mettle. The other actors supported the lead cast well.

The problem when a good-looking performer goes “de-glam” is that we see not the character but the star who’s gone de-glam. Prasad Ramar, the director, sticks fairly close to the template of the original. You wonder why the happenings feel so flat, why the film doesn’t flow smoothly, why there’s so little mood. It’s no surprise that Enakkul Oruvan lacks the intimate texture and delicacy of Lucia. But it is to remind that Siddarth is successful in his role and did well.

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