Confusing Statements From Naidu

May 16, 2015

“Rowdyism in Rayalaseema is indirectly proportional to the development in the region. Many YSRCP leaders of Rayalaseema were involved in the smuggling of red sanders and I question the YSRCP that why it was silent on this aspect.” questioned AP CM in the recent media interaction.

Though there is Rowdyism in the region, there is no such aspect these days in larger extent. Many factionists are leaving factionism. Rowdyism in Rayalaseema is definitely a curse to the region. Everyone knew that but there is no doubt about why is he stressing about that now. Is he supporting it or is he opposing it is still in discussions and he also offered ministry to Paritala Sunitha whose husband is a factionist many days back. Finally, AP CM is not able to make a conclusion and he is trying to create some confusion.