Rahul Calls KCR As Mini Modi

May 16, 2015

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi tour has turned controversial. He cancelled his Hyderabad tour in the last minute. The young politician has accused both, the BJP-led Central Government and TRS Government of Telangana, of having failed to address the problems being faced by the farmers. The problems faced by farmers has become a big problem and Rahul came to visit the families of farmers who committed suicide. Rahul hosted a public meeting in Adilabad and made comments on the government.

His tour was named as ‘Kisan Sandesh Yatra.’ Rahul Gandhi alleged that both the governments were working for a select few corporate houses while neglected the poor and farmers. “Both KCR and Modi have failed to provide jobs to the unemployed youth during the one-year rule. The ‘Ache Din’ (good days) came only for a select few people and not for the common people. KCR is “Mini Modi” and both Modi and “Mini Modi” have been cheating the people by making tall promises. While Modi came to power on the promise of providing better MSP to farmers, “Mini Modi” assured to waive off crop loans. But they utterly failed to fulfill those promises,” he said.