Raashi Khanna Is Lucky In That Aspect

May 12, 2015

For actors and actresses, acting in every film is a big challenge. They must take all care so that the effect of their previous films won’t fall on their new films. Infact, it is not an easy thing. Every actor and actress will have their own strategies for the same. After making a memorable debut with Naga Shaurya starrer Oohalu Gusagusalade, there has been no looking back for Delhi beauty Raashi Khanna. The actress then went on to act in films like Joru and Jil. She has planned a unique strategy for her in the industry.

She is also on the list of top contenders in the film industry. The actress currently has her hands busy with Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger and Ram’s Shivam. Usually heroines will not be given enough opportunities and scope to reveal her performance skills. She reacted on it recently by saying that she has been lucky to be offered meaty roles with enough scope to perform since the beginning of her career.