Puri Decides To Go With Nithiin

May 23, 2015

Puri Jagannadh is well known for his knack of completing flicks in least possible time. He has got this quality from his guru Ram Gopal Varma. Puri has completed films very soon in the past and he recently finished Jyothi Lakshmi too in a short gap. Now the director is busy with the pre-production work of his film Auto Jaani. The regular shooting for this film is expected to begin from September.

As per the latest buzz in the film industry, it is heard that Puri Jagan will be teaming up with Nithiin before he start the film with Chiranjeevi. Puri has found enough time to make another film in between and reportedly he is in discussions with the actor also. Puri is keen on completing this project by the end of August. It is also believed that the same crew which worked for Jyothi Lakshmi will be on board for Nithin’s flick as well. However official details are yet to be announced.