Plagiarism Allegations On Chiru Film

May 13, 2015

While millions of Mega fans are elated with the news of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s return to the silver screen, here’s yet another news which will make them even more excited. As per the latest reports, Chiranjeevi will be playing dual roles in the film. The film is set on a interesting backdrop. The twist in the tale raised now when a writer alleged that BVS Ravi has copied his story. A NRI based writer named Varma who wrote the script for a Prabhas’ film which was supposed to be directed by his uncle Krishnam Raju. When Krishnam Raju felt that the story needed more entertainment, he approached writer Gopi Mohan and Gopi discussed the story with BVS Ravi. BVS after liking the story narrated the same to Chiranjeevi making slight changes that suit for Chiru. Gopi Mohan after hearing these plagiarism allegations reacted as, “A gossip news is circulating that i shared someone’s with @BvsRavi.It’s a false news.Whoever it is,they can solve with Writers union.”

While BVS Ravi also condemned the gossip stating that there will be no similarities between the two stories. “I didn’t immediately react but tried to negotiate with him later. While he maintained that the script wasn’t similar to mine, it reached a point where he foul mouthed me. I have spoken to him and told him that this script has nothing to do with his story. I don’t want to say any more.” BVS said.