People Are With Chaiwala : Venkayya

May 19, 2015

Union Minister for Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu has made some comments on Rahul Gandhi. Rahul gandhi recently completed his tour in Telangana state. Venkaiah is considering Rahul as “Zero” and announces the same.

“Rahul @OfficeOfRG gives Zero to NDA govt. Zeros can’t recognize Heroes.Zeros find Zeros only. Some1 disapprs fr 57days 4 self discovery on foreign soil;find fault in @narendramodi perusing national interests with countries tht matters. If @OfficeOfRG remembers Amethi once in 7 months, @narendramodi pursues dreams of 125 cr Indians day n night both within n outside d country.” lashed out Rahul in this way.

The young leader in the past ranked the present government with 0 on 1o on the issue of farmers. An angry minister called Rahul zero and he furtherly added that “Congress comes out with new rules that @narendramodi should not travel abroad. Red carpet being rolled out on foreign soil to the leader of 125 cr Indians is a red herring to Congress. True. How can a chaiwala be given such an honour? Congress has a point. But people are with chaiwala @narendramodi.”