Pandaga Chesko Movie Review

May 29, 2015

Finally after much delay, the film Pandaga Chesko is hitting the screens today. Young hero Ram, Rakul Preet and Sonal Chauhan played the lead roles of the film. The film has been directed by Gopichand Malineni and the film has big names like Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan associated with it. Check out our review.
Karthik (Ram) is a rich business tycoon who lives in Portugal along with his family. He is a broad minded person and he does not believe in sentiments. As he is also a money minded person, he opts to get engaged to a rich woman (Sonal Chauhan) just for the sake of his business growth. But on passing time, he finally decides to get back to India after coming to know about his mother and her family. He discovers that there is a communication gap in India and he decides to reunite the family and in this process he falls in love with Divya(Rakul Preet).
What will Karthik do now ?
Is he successful in reuniting the family?
What happens to Sonal when Ram marries Divya?
The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.
Coming to the performances, young hero Ram looks quite handsome as an NRI and pulls off his role well. He is good with his dances and also at delivering dialogues. He share a good chemistry with both the actresses. The film fails in impressing the movie lovers but for all those who look up for the glamor in the film, the female leads will tempt you for sure.
Sonal Chauhan is pretty good in her role and Rakul plays the sweet bubbly girl’s role to perfection. As said earlier, it is a eye feast tow watch the female leads on the screen. Also the role Weekend Venkat Rao will impress everyone. Brahmanandam’s comedy is the biggest asset and will be the major selling point of the film. The film sticks to the time tested formula and has scope to do Decent business at the Box-office. Target Group of Family Audiences connecting to the film well holds key.
The first half of the film is below average ad the second half is a routine mixture of commercial films. All the songs have been shot nicely and cinematography is at its best in the film. Pandaga Chesko reminds you of many hit family entertainers from the past. You will remember Ready and few other Kona’s commercial entertainers while watching this film. The reuniting concept is old one and we have seen this in the past several times. Pandaga Chesko also suffers many things like no proper narration and no emotional content and also everything is predictable in the film.
Except for Brahmanandam’s comedy, there is nothing much interesting going in the second half. The actors tried to impress with their performances but they failed completely and offered a routine mass masala commercial content. We are looking for fresh concepts in the industry but the makers are not at all moving from their comfort zone and are trying to offer the same kind of concepts on a similar formulaic format.
The story is predictable and screenplay falls flat. Coming to the director Gopichand Malineni, there is nothing novel to talk about his direction as he has executed the film in quite a simple and safe manner. The director also fails to deal the film in a new manner. This film is a clear mixture of all the hit flicks that you have seen in the past. Better to avoid it and it will be safe.
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Reviewed by :Team Andhrapulse