Nara Rohith Should Do That

May 17, 2015

One hero in the film industry who is very active in films and always choose versatile subjects is none other than nara Rohith. Nara ROhith is a talented actor and also a good person in selecting scripts. So, far he has made all films which are non commercial and also off beat films. The latest from this hero is Asura. When he made his debut with the film Baanam, Rohit had a decent frame but with passing time, he has begun piling up extra pounds.

Recently, the trailer of his new movie Asura came up and those who saw it had only one thing to say that the actor is looking fat and he needs to reduce his weight. He is looking good but his weight might turn as a bane for him. It is okay to maintain a bubbly look for this character in Asura but Rohit would be the best if he becomes slim and fit. Hope he reduces pounds.