Madras talkies Apologizes Reviewers

May 28, 2015

Madras Talkies is the production house started by Mani Ratnam and recently the production house has decided to fight against the piracy and has looked for online links and as a mistake, several genuine links were also listed on it. For this, they had given the following explanation :

We, at Madras Talkies, like any responsible production house, wanted to protect our film, ‪#‎OKKanmani from being illegally copied and shared on the Internet. Since this requires certain expertise, the job was outsourced to professionals. But in the pursuit of internet pirates, it has come to our notice that some legitimate links have also been submitted to Google for de-listing.

We regret the lapse and apologise for any and all inconvenience caused. We are working actively to retract these notices on the legitimate links. Madras Talkies did not intend to block any of the legit links, and will never do so.

Since over 5000 links were submitted on our behalf, we would request your help as well in filtering out the legitimate links. If you find any, please send them to us.
And as we continue to tackle piracy, please also send us any illegal download/streaming links you find. Help us keep it clean. And piracy free.