Kamal Haasan's Uttama Villain Movie Review

May 3, 2015

Uttama Villain is the film that features Kamal Haasan, Balachander, Viswanath, Pooja Kumar and Andrea in the lead roles. The much hyped film released today amidst expectations and also a lot of postponements. The film unit is extremely happy with the release now and here is the review of the film.


Manoranjan played by Kamal Haasan is a popular hero who seems to have it all. There is a doting wife Varalakshmi (Oorvashi), father-in-law producer Poornachandra Rao (K Viswanath). And then comes a point that becomes the trigger for many things to come. The things go wrong between Manoranjan and his uncle. He who did many films with his guru Margadarshi (Balachander) will go back to him and asks him to direct a film about his life. Then starts the movie inside the movie.

Why is the story set back in 8th century?

Who is Uttama Villain?

What happens next?

The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.


Kamal Haasan is that typical superstar who wants more out of his glittering yet complicated life. The answer he gets in search of something more is an extra marital affair. The movie then revolves around him, his emotions and the complications involved in his life. The narrative technique is inventive. The simultaneous unfolding of these two stories; with the story of Uthaman, set many centuries ago, unfolding almost as a fantasy of Manoranjan, offers a very interesting perspective of ‘reality’ of fiction in cinema.

Uttama Villain is completely a performance oriented film and most actors, if not all, have delivered their best. While Kamal Haasan yet again proves why he can be arguably called as the most gifted actor this country has ever seen, special mention goes to Nasser who has competed with Kamal throughout. Andrea exudes confidence displaying range of emotion as Arpana, Pooja Kumar is adequate, and Bhaskar is terrific as manager Chokku.

The film aces in all the departments from performance to music to direction to set designs to cinematography. There is not a single area that can be said to stay behind and this works hugely for the positive feel about Uttama Villain. Dialogues written by Kamal himself are sharp, witty, intelligent, and mischievous. His play of words in the scene where Nasser falls sick tells us his prowess with the language.

Cinematography by Shamdat is impressive as he has used right tones for different time periods respectively. Angles used in the stage drama sequences are brilliant and songs gets the much needed colours. Speaking about songs, Ghibran impresses with his soulful background score which adds stability and enhances the overall feel. His music is a great strength to lengthy and sometimes boring drama sequences in the second half.

The film covers the past, the present and the future. Absolute bliss watching the performance of Kamal Haasan. But the duration and weak narration spoiled the dish.

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Reviewed by : Team Andhrapulse