No Seats For Andhrites In NIT : T Govt

May 19, 2015

Even after the bifurication of the state, the disputes between the telugu states not ended. Day by day new problems are being arised and as a result, the leaders are making comments on each other’s government. Telangana government is in a strict manner to safeguard their rights and wanted not to loose anything. As per protocol, 50% of seats in NIT Warangal were reserved for undivided Andhra Pradesh. After bifurcation, AP had requested for its share of seats in NIT according to article 371-D of the ‘AP Reorganization Act’.

But Telangana government is not ready to grant that. Telangana’s contention is that 371-D applies only to state-owned educational institutions and not Central owned institutions like NIT. Hence, it says that 50% seats will be reserved only for Telangana. The minister Kadiam has left for Delhi to talk to Smriti Irani regarding this issue. “There is absolutely no question of allotting seats in NIT Warangal to Andhra students. We fought for a separate Telangana so that our children will benefit in terms of better opportunities in quality educational institutes. If injustice is meted out to Telangana even after bifurcation, we will not take it lying down. We will go to any extent to safeguard Telangana against Andhras,” said Minister Kadiam Srihari.