He DId Not Shave It

May 25, 2015

It seems Pawan Kalyan is on a 40-day deeksha? Is this the reason for he not shaving the beard? This is the kind of gossip that is going viral in the Tollywood industry. There is another reason for it. He is supposed to appear in one of the episodes of ‘Gabbar Singh’ with the beard. But to what extent it is true is not known. We have come up with a story for you all which says that this is not true and the actor has did it for an important sequence in the film Gabbar Singh 2. It is not for any deeksha or it is not for any other reason.

Pawan has high regard for director Trivikram. There is a religious scholar in a temple at Bheemawaram in West Godavari district. The guru performs homams before Trivikram embarking on any major projects. At the time of embarking on projects lie ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’ and ‘Son of Satyamurthy’. So everyone thought that the spiritual guru advised the actor regarding the beard. So, now the film unit officially condemned all the rumours.