Harish Rao Backed RTC Strike : Union

May 13, 2015

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) unions have made shocking comments on Telangana Irrigation Minister Harish Rao. We all knew that the RTC unions have called for strike in both the telugu states. One of the unions spilled the beans that strike has backing of Mr Harish Rao and he has given go ahead for the strike. The discussions have been completed and this strike showed an effect on the daily lives of people.

RTC Telangana Mazdoor Union leader Ashwathama Reddy stated that Irrigation Minister Harish Rao is honorary president of the union and he supported the strike. Telangana minister Harish Rao was refused to comment on Ashwathama’s statement. High Court has ordered RTC staff to withdraw their strike calling it illegal. But the Union leader said that, “We have not yet received the interim orders issued by the High Court to withdraw strike. We started strike 36 days after giving notice.”