Gunasekhar Gets Advice From Distributors

May 28, 2015

Financial issues, delay in regular shoots and post productions are said to be responsible for the delay of movies. But the delay would not get to the extreme levels because it affects the buzz the film already created and the audiences will lose all the interest on the film. One film that falls under this category is the prestigious Rudramadevi.

Gunasekhar has invested his whole savings into this project which is his dream and needless to say, it is a huge risk for him as well just as Baahubali is for Rajamouli. The audio function of the movie was held quite some time back and there is the danger of the public losing interest without repeated reminders and a release soon. While talks are going on between the buyers and Gunasekhar, they are reported to have advised him to trim the length of the picture as they felt that such a long run time could become a test of the audience’s patience.