N Srinivasan's Gay Son tortured by his father

May 5, 2015

I want a lineage to carry on the business. I can’t give it to strangers. Therefore I think it will be good idea for you to marry a girl acceptable to us’. N Srinivasan the head of BCCI wrote all about urging his son to be back home and marry a girl.

BCCI once leader who runs all the games through his way is worried of his son’s Gay feelings and Gay life where he is situated right now on.”My father held Me & My Partner Avi Mukherjee captive against our will in Chennai’s tony First Avenue neighborhood of Boat Club. We were tortured,” Aswhin Sreenivasan mentioned his comments on his father. Ashwin demanded his share from the Family property and allagedly Srini tortured them.

Victim put out all the letters written by Srinivasan asking to stop the relation ship with another man.These letters were far way back written in 2007 and 2008,He handed over them to a nationa news paper.